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T is for Titanic Teacher's Guide written by Sleeping Bear Press

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The Sinking of the RMS Titanic powerpoint presentation
Meagan Johnson, age 14
Enumclaw Middle School, Washington
Grade received: A+

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For additional information on the Titanic, please visit: www.TitanicHistoricalSociety.com 
Titanic Resource Books to read:

Titanic - Illustrated History
by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall

A Giant Cutaway Book, Inside the Titanic
by Ken Marschall

Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic
by Ken Marschall

 Anatomy of the Titanic
by Tom McCluskie

1912 Facts about Titanic
by Lee W. Merideth

The Sinking of the Titanic edited
by Bruce M. Caplan

Titanic Disaster
by Dave Bryceson

Titanic Triumph and Tragedy
by John Eaton and Charles Haas

RMS Titanic, A Modelmaker's Manual
by Peter Davies-Garner

Exploring the Titanic
by Robert D. Ballard

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Titanic Stories is designed to direct you to the most authentic information and experiences about the Titanic on the island of Ireland. There is a wealth of undiscovered stories to find within the pages of this website and on the many Titanic tours, historical sites, towns and cities connected to RMS Titanic. We are here to guide you through and to maximise your experience of Titanic’s home - Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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